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Mikki is amazing, and her dedication goes above and beyond what I have experienced

as bodywork or massage with other practitioners, she is way more than “tense here, released” - you know you are working with the best when even an amateur eye such as mine can clearly see a horse’s alignment and even conformation faults improve! My horse is all sorts of misaligned between conformation, arthritis, and old injuries, and the progress has been impressive and it is only the beginning. She truly cares about the horses.

She works with and helps develop a whole-horse approach to getting them feeling their best.

If you are tired of trying all different modes of therapies (chiro, acupuncture, drugs, injections, etc, I’ve been there!) that don’t provide lasting results because they aren’t getting to the root issues, Mikki is your gal.

-Emily Johnson

I can't speak highly enough of Mikki Fallow.

My OTTB Newman came to me with a slew of medical problems that, although treated, have left him with an imbalanced body and poor mobility. On top of that, he has had very little formal training and is still trying to figure out his new job as a riding horse.


The progress he had made with Mikki has been incredible!

Her background as an equine massage therapist has given her awesome awesome insight into the root of Newman's problems and ways to address those problems both through massage and under saddle.


Furthermore, her experience and skill as a rider have enabled her to truly communicate with Newman and help him understand what is being asked of him. He is so happy in his work, and I am so happy with the progress we are making toward our goals!


-Lindsey Ferguson

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